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It Takes an Audience to Solve a Problem: Teaching Narrative Therapy OnlinePeggy Sax PhD.Research Paper
Listen to our Stories: Young Women with Anorexia Nervosa Speak Out About Hospital Experiences Jacqueline SegalDissertation
Finding Common Ground Between Human Service Seekers, Providers: A Reauthoring Conversations Approach (Abstract)Margaret SaxDissertation
Relational Co-Research in Narrative Training and SupervisionDean Lobovits, M.A & Emily C. Seidel, M.S.WResearch Paper
A Narrative Approach to Critical and Sub-Critical Incident DebriefingsJoel FayDissertation
What We See Is What We Get: Re-examining Our Assessment ProcessWilliam C. Madsen, PhD.Book Chapter
Narrative Group Therapy with the Seriously Mentally Ill: A Case Study Tony VassalloResearch Paper
The Giving and Getting of WisdomsKate IngramDissertation
Making Trouble for Problems: Therapeutic Assumptions and Research Behind the Narrative Practice of Externalizing ConversationsCarl F. HilkerDissertation
Power Discourses and Afrikaans Women: Living with FireJo Viljoen and Grace [35]Chapter from Dissertation
A narrative enquiry approach to strategic planning in community organisations: A ritual of legacy in transitionFrances Hancock & David EpstonJournal Article
Biting the Hand that Starves You - Chapter Five, Conversation with BridgetRichard Maisel, David Epston, Ali BordenPreviously Unpublished Book Chapter
Saying Hullo Again: Remembering Michael WhiteDavid EpstonJournal Article
The Corner: Mother Appreciation PartiesDavid EpstonJournal Article
The Corner: One Good Story Deserves AnotherMarsten, Epston, JohnsonJournal Article
Placing Strengths Into Storylines: Building Bridges Between Strength-Based and Narrative ApproachesKay Ingamells, David EpstonJournal Article
Love Is Not All You Need: A Revolutionary approach to Parental Abuse Kay IngamellsJournal Article
More Travels With Herodotus: Tripping Over Borders Lightly Or “Psychiatric Imperialism”1
David EpstonJournal Article
Plenary Address Equity for Education Symposium
David EpstonJournal Article
Traducción David Epston DEFINITIVA 2906- Spanish Translation
David EpstonPlenary Address
Narrative Therapy Conference Barcelona
David EpstonPlenary Address