David Epston in Berkeley California on June 9 and 10, 2017



June 9 and 10, 2017

Friday and Saturday

9:30 am to 4:30pm

Northbrae Community Church  

Berkeley, CA 94707


In this workshop, David will review some of his more recent considerations as to ‘histories for the future’,  the ‘re-imagination’ of narrative therapy’ and the revitalisation of the ’spirit of adventure’ in both practice and the theory commandeered to account for it 

A day will be given over to ‘how to learn how to do’ narrative therapy and recent pedagogies that intend for practitioners to ‘make maps’ rather than follow ‘maps’ eg. ‘case stories as pedagogies as virtual apprenticeships and the recuperation of the idea of real apprenticeships.  

David Epston, Kay Ingamells (NZ), and Tom Carlson (North Dakota State University) have been establishing ‘apprenticeships for the artistry of narrative therapy practice’ and this is being trialled this year with apprentices in Japan, Australia, United States and Canada.  

Much of the above intends to live up to what might be considered David and Michael’s ‘manifesto’ published in 1992:

“However we are drawing attention to the fact that one of the aspects associated with this work that is of central importance to us is the spirit of adventure.  We aim to preserve that spirit, and know that if we accomplish this our work will continue to evolve ways that are enriching to our lives, and to the lives of those persons who seek our help.”( Epston and White, Experience, Contradiction, Narrative and Imagination, p. 9) 


Encounter a re-imagining of narrative therapy theory and practice by one of it’s founders.

Develop and utilize narrative “histories of the future” in your practice.

Revitalize your therapy practice through engaging your own “spirit of adventure” in your work with clients.

Engage in hands-on practice of virtual and real  “artistic apprenticeships” to enrich your learning experience.


This course is intended for licensed mental health professionals and graduate students preparing for those professions.


The cost for registration for the 2 days is $225 

or $179 each person for groups of 3 or more registering together


Certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the workshop.

This course is intended to meet the qualifications for 12 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

(Suzanne Pregerson BBSE PCE3349 is applying for renewal of her provider certification under the name of  at the time of this posting.)

12 CEUs are also available for psychologists, and there is a separate registration fee and process. For more information on psychologist CEU’s please visit



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